Wellbeing Skills Training To Help You Thrive

The following wellbeing skills training can help improve personal, team and workplace performance.

We’ve used our CANBE model to categorise each course but it is often the case that the skills learned can impact across the different dimensions of wellbeing.

Personal and societal wellbeing

  • Science of Happiness MOOC – A free 8 week online course from Berkeley University that teaches science-based principles and practices for a happy, meaningful life. The first of its kind!
  • Social Wellbeing MOOC – A free course from Edinburgh University that explores how measuring and promoting wellbeing can make people, organisations and society more focused, considerate and effective

Creating meaning

Training to help you think about values, purpose, personality, character and more. By understanding yourself and what’s important you can make better choices and decisions to help create more meaning and motivation in life. By understanding others you can relate to them more effectively. Creating meaning contributes to your wellbeing.

Achieving potential

Training to help you be more productive and focused on achieving what you want. Develop better habits.

Nurturing relationships

Wellbeing skills to help you develop better relationships at home and work. A strong network of family, friends, colleagues and other support helps build our wellbeing. Emotional intelligence, effective communication, feedback, listening, questioning, persuasion, influencing skills and more.

Building resilience

Learn skills to improve physical, mental, psychological, social, financial and environmental wellbeing. Diet, exercise, sleep, stress, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and more.

  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance –  A free online course from Monash University to learn mindfulness techniques,reduce stress and improve wellbeing and performance
  • Maintaining a Mindful Life – A follow on course from Monash University to learn how to apply mindfulness techniques so you can improve communication, relationships and emotional health

Enriching lives

Skills to get you thinking about the ‘me’ and ‘we’ of wellbeing. Focusing on positive emotions and actions like gratitude, forgiveness, enjoyment, celebration, confidence and optimism.

Wellbeing training can help us understand the topic better but it’s not the whole story. Just like most things changing is the hard part. Improveon provides consulting, coaching and training services to help design, develop and deliver the most effective solutions to meet the needs of individuals, managers, leaders, teams, brands and organisations.

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