A world where we can all thrive.

Values, philosophy & beliefs

The best way to thrive is to focus on wellbeing. Whilst there is no universal definition of wellbeing we believe it is ‘the quality of our lives in balance with other people, species and the planet’. 

Our approach

Our proprietary CANBE model, which has been developed over many years, fuses together ancient wisdom and the latest scientific research.

Wellbeing domains or ‘territories’

Wellbeing is unique to everyone but there are universal characteristics that apply to all.  Domains are the areas or ‘territories’ of our lives.

To describe the territories of our lives that inform our wellbeing

Wellbeing states or ‘indicators’

Wellbeing is dynamic and we may be at different points in our lives in each of these domains at any time.  To understand this we use the following ‘indicators’.

To show the dynamic states of wellbeing that we move through

It is important to get this ‘big picture’ first, and understand the connections between the different domains, so that we can focus on improvements in a balanced way.  This provides the best platform for you, your team or your organisation to thrive across all ‘territories’ of wellbeing.

Wellbeing dimensions or ‘highways’

We also know from science that there are key things which contribute to our wellbeing, and help us cross the territories on our journey. These are the ‘highways’ or dimensions of wellbeing from which we derive our CANBE model.

To describe the dimensions of wellbeing

Creating meaning

In a world of constant change and complexity we’re all searching for meaning and patterns in our lives. In fact we thrive on it.

Achieving potential

If we’re not improving and growing we’re standing still. Human nature throughout time has demonstrated a need for continued progress. When we progress we should move towards something we desire. What we desire is best defined as wellbeing. This is now increasingly recognised by:

  • Individuals who are re-evaluating their lives and re-thinking what success really means to them
  • Organisations and communities aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and an accelerating number of initiatives such as ‘Conscious Capitalism’, Benefit Corporations, ‘Purposeful business’, The Thriving Places Index of communities and many more.
  • Nations including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Slovenia, Sweden, the UK and Wales exploring wellbeing as a broader measure of success than GDP alone.
  • Global initiatives such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development’s (OECD) Better Lives Index, The Gallup World Poll, and many more.

Nurturing relationships

We are social creatures and together we are stronger. No man or woman is an island.

Building resilience

Change is constant and increasing exponentially. Plans are just that and things often don’t go the way we expect them to. We need resilience to help us bounce back when things go wrong and plan for unexpected events in the future.

Enriching lives

Wellbeing is about ‘me’, ‘we’ and ‘world’. Without other people, species, ecosystems and our planet there is no wellbeing.

Wellbeing factors or ‘signposts’

Finally we need some ‘signposts’. These are the things we can work on, as we’re travelling the ‘highways’ and ‘territories’ of our lives, to improve our personal, team or organisational wellbeing.

To outline key factors that contribute to our wellbeing

Why choose us?

It’s all in the name. We help organisations, teams and individuals improve on the things that matter most. What matters most? Wellbeing. If you improve on the things that bring you greater wellbeing you will be more successful. It’s that simple.  

Big picture thinking

By using our proprietary CANBE model we explore the big picture first to help us, and you, understand the connections, influences, and impacts of making changes in your ‘world’.  We help you think things through, explore options and then put in place the best plans for action.

An integrated, tailored approach

Every individual, team and organisation is unique. This is why we offer a powerful mix of consulting, coaching and speaking services that adapt to your specific requirements and achieve transformational impact. 

Enthusiasm, experience and expertise

We have broad experience and expertise helping individuals, teams and organisations improve. We have real passion and enthusiasm for helping you succeed.

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In line with our vision of a world where we can all thrive we are open to collaborations and projects which serve this purpose. As such we have a number of partners who can help deliver services where we don’t have specific expertise. Please get in touch to discuss potential opportunities.