How to turn £1 into £3 with Resilience.

Build your resilience not your stress.


Stress results in a heavy cost to business and individuals.

With half a million people in the UK believing that they have work-related stress at a level that is making them ill* and the cost to UK employers of 10.4 million work days lost**, how can we build greater resilience as individuals, teams and brands?

Resilience yields a great return on investment.

According to Dame Carol Black, expert Adviser to the Department of Health, every £1 spent on workplace wellbeing can yield between £3 and £6 in gained productivity and efficiency.

The amount of stress in organisations and our personal lives isn’t likely to dramatically reduce anytime soon so how can we be better prepared? With greater resilience we increase our ability to bounce back and cope with change. This increased capacity to maintain wellbeing and work performance under pressure is created through the combination of personal characteristics and learned skills.

These personal characteristics include confidence, purposefulness, adaptability and social support. In respect to confidence, individuals, teams and brands can take one small step by beginning to celebrate success and achievements more.  Why not celebrate your successes at the end of each week?


This relates to values, goals and direction.  At the very least individuals, teams and brands should have thought about and set out their values.  In times of challenge and stress this ‘purposefulness’ should be used as the ‘compass’ to navigate difficult situations, set the course of action and inform behaviours.

Adaptability and flexibility.

Involves recognising what you can and can’t change and also thinking about things differently.  “If you see as you always see and do as you always do you’ll get what you always get”. What could you do to encourage greater flexibility and adaptability personally, in your team and the wider organisation?


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly is our sociability. As workplace pressure continues to increase how can we all support each other better? If times are tough the value of a smile should not be underestimated and showing compassion has been proven to benefit both those who are suffering and those who provide the support. But what more could you do?

Resilience can be learned.

The good thing is that we can learn to build our resilience. In fact, when we start to look at things differently we understand it is from some of our greatest adversities that we have grown and learnt the most. And, even if things aren’t looking good, it’s worth remembering that ‘this too will pass’.

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*BUPA work related stress

** HSE figures 2011/2012

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