What are your values?

Values are like having a compass.

Core valuesMotivation and direction.

The benefits of having thought about and recorded values are numerous and yet many people, teams and brands go without knowing them. Defining your values helps you remain true to yourself and provides motivation and direction. 

Greater focus.

When you know what is important then you can focus on the things that you really care about rather than wasting time on activities that aren’t a priority.

Stronger, respectful relationships.

We are all unique and distinct so understanding your values, and those of others, can help you build regard for yourself and the people around you resulting in greater respect and stronger relationships. It is important to remember that the same value can mean different things to different people. ‘Trust’ to you may mean something very different to someone else.

Living a healthy, authentic life.

Values, attitudes and beliefs have a strong connection to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. When you are in line with your values life will feel easier. In contrast when you are doing things that are out of line you may feel stressed, frustrated or dissatisfied and this can, in extreme situations, affect your health.

Professional consulting and coaching can help you define values and ensure your activities are aligned.

Improveon helps improve brand, team and personal performance.  Call or contact David now to find out how Improveon can help you define your values and use this better understanding to improve key aspects of your life.

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