David Green Wellbeing Speaker

Objective Theme

The overarching aim of all speaking engagements and conversations is to help individuals, teams and organisations thrive.


Online and in person. Available for podcasts, video, interviews, conferences, presentations and workshops.


Presenting – Delivering tailored presentations to inspire or inform.

Group coaching – Asking questions to help group members come up with their own ideas and plans for improvement.

Facilitating – getting the conversation going whilst providing expert input.


Include schools, community organisations, business organisations, public bodies, independent groups.


Can be selected from any of the topics in the diagram below which have all been thoroughly researched and are derived from the book ‘The Age of Wellbeing’

To demonstrate the domains, dimensions, indicators and factors that contribute to wellbeing

However typical topics include:

  • The Age of Wellbeing – Why we need to course correct and how we go about it.
  • Why wellbeing eats culture and strategy for breakfast.
  • The future of wellbeing for … (Business, Education, Communities, Governance)
  • How to build greater (individual, team, organisational or community) wellbeing
  • Wellbeing myths
  • Developing resilience and stress management
  • Building a great team


Prices are determined for each specific engagement. If you have an idea of what you would like or want to discuss options please get in touch.