Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Team coachingImproveon uses wellbeing as a backdrop to all team coaching. The benefits of taking this more rounded approach include ensuring that progress is balanced and sustainable.

In addition Improveon coaching uses a unique TeamCANBE™ model supporting teams to be all they can.

The benefits of coaching

An Improveon coach will help your team achieve it’s goals more quickly and effectively than it would have done on it’s own. This could be one of the best people investments you ever make! Benefits include:

  • greater team purpose and direction
  • more motivation
  • better relationships
  • a more positive and fun working environment
  • greater resilience and flexibility in the face of challenges and stress


Team coaching is delivered face to face, usually on the clients premises or in a client booked venue. This can be supported by individual coaching of team members and/or leaders.

A typical programme of coaching may extend to 9 sessions. This could include an initial meeting to establish requirements, a goal setting session, coaching sessions and review points to ensure objectives are achieved.

Individual sessions can also be delivered on the basis that Improveon aims to develop long term relationships with clients to deliver the best return on investment.

This may include some or all of the following elements to meet specific requirements.

  • Initial surveys and interviews to understand team dynamics and agree areas for development
  • Development and alignment of team strategy, values, purpose and vision
  • Personality profiling and exercises to build intra-team relationships, understanding, communication and culture
  • Exercises and interviews to improve stakeholder engagement
  • Exercises to improve team learning and reflection

Coaching the board sessions are delivered face to face and are designed to support and challenge the Directors in their roles to:

  • Formulate policy through monitoring the external environment, stating purpose, creating vision and values and shaping the development of corporate culture and climate
  • Set the strategic direction through positioning in changing markets or social contexts, formulating strategy, reviewing deciding and allocating key resources and deciding on the implementation process
  • Supervising management by overseeing performance, reviewing key business results, monitoring budgetary control and taking corrective action
  • Being accountable by reporting to shareholders or owners, ensuring compliance with regulators, responding to other stakeholders, ensuring reviews of the board and board directors.

To find out if coaching is right for you use the contact button to book your FREE, no obligation, exploratory session. If you’d prefer to discuss things first:

  • contact David on 07753 430 557,
  • email
  • use the contact page or message button.

Improveon also offers trainingwellbeingpersonal brandingrelationshipconfidencesuccess and time management coaching to support team development.

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