ManagerCANBE™ coaching and training

Manager coaching and training

As a manager you have, perhaps, the most important role in connecting your team members to the organisation. It is often said that people don’t leave the organisation, they leave their manager. Many managers are promoted through technical expertise or because of length of service. Whilst these can be important attributes they’re most definitely not the full story. The good news is that great management skills can be learned.

ManagerCANBE™ is a unique system based on years of research into what makes a great manager and uses the latest thinking in neuroscience, positive psychology, wellbeing and engagement to provide you with the greatest potential to transform your team and achieve the impact you desire.

ManagerCANBE™ Services

Typically the relationship will begin with a ManagerCANBE™ review to reveal the key areas of focus required for development. Services are provided from the following but are tailored uniquely to fit with your requirements. We will do everything we can to support you in becoming the manager you want to be. Just ask.

  • Manager coaching
    • 1:1 coaching to help managers move forward quickly
  • Training
    • Is delivered from the following modules:
      • Creating meaning – motivating employees through a better understanding of their values, character, personality, skills and purpose.
      • Achieving more – role modelling and personal efficacy.
      • Nurturing Relationships – Developing emotional intelligence, listening, questioning, feedback, influencing, persuading, team building skills.
      • Building Resilience – Managing stress, building confidence, purpose, adaptability & flexibility through a growth mindset.
      • Enriching lives – engaging positive emotions like gratitude, forgiveness, enjoyment, fun, confidence and optimism.
  • Advantage
    • Through a joint venture with Cumulus Outdoors we can provide unique experiences for management teams or for individual managers from across different business sectors.

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