LeaderCANBE™ Transformational Leadership

LeaderCANBE™ transformational leadership
The requirements of leadership in the workplace are changing. Increasingly moving from the ‘command and control’ style to one which is much more grounded in ‘coaching’. LeaderCANBE™ is a unique system based on years of research into what makes a great leader and uses the latest thinking in neuroscience, positive psychology, wellbeing and engagement to provide you with the greatest potential to transform your organisation and achieve the impact you desire.

Improveon will help you quickly have the impact required to transform your organisation.

  • Transition to a new role
  • Lead your organisation through change
  • Develop a clear plan and strategy
  • Empower and engage your people

What makes our services different?

  • You will be supported by a ‘partner’.
  • Your development will be viewed in respect to benefits that will accrue to you, your team and your organisation
  • We will work flexibly with other experts, as required, to help you get where you want to be.
  • You can choose from our flexible services include coaching, training, activity based learning and online peer networking

LeaderCANBE™ Services

Designed for aspiring and existing leaders the relationship will typically begin with a LeaderCANBE™ review and other assessments to reveal the key areas you’d like to focus on. Services can then be provided from the following but are tailored uniquely to fit your requirements. We will do everything we can to support you becoming the leader you want to be. Just ask.

  • Leadership coaching
    • 1:1 coaching to help leaders move forward quickly
  • Training
    • Can be delivered from the following modules: Creating meaning, Achieving more, Nurturing Relationships, Building Resilience, Engaging positive emotions
  • Advantage
    • Through a joint venture with Cumulus Outdoors we can provide unique experiences for leadership teams or for individual leaders from across different business sectors.
  • LeaderCANBE™ High Performance Group
    • An evolving online networking group for up to 8 leaders from across sectors to share wider experiences, support each other and improve performance.
  • Strategic support
    • Bespoke support provided to help you move forward on a strategic issue.
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