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Wellbeing Services - Consulting, coaching & training

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You want the best approach for transformation and sustainable change. You want to thrive!

Improveon wellbeing services are built around a unique, proprietary CANBE model based on our beliefs and philosophy.

This model brings together the latest research and thinking from the worlds of wellbeing, positive psychology, employee engagement, neuroscience and branding.

What makes Improveon different is this unique holistic approach across the 5 elements of wellbeing that work whether the focus is on improving business, team or personal performance.


A strategic approach to embedding wellbeing within your organisation.


Consulting, coaching and training to help your brand and marketing to thrive.


Coaching, training and a peer networking group to develop high performance leaders.


Coaching, training and development for managers.


Coaching, training and team building.


Coaching and training for individuals.

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