Improveon Associates and Partners

Improveon associates and partners - David Green

David Green

Improveon Business Owner

Consulting | Coaching | Training

Workplace wellbeing, Employer branding, Corporate branding, Marketing, Leadership coaching, Team coaching.




Improveon associates and partners - Sara Huffey
Sara Huffey

HR Consultant

Consulting | Coaching | Training

HR Strategy, Policy, Recruitment & Selection, Disciplinary & Capability, Employee engagement, Culture change, Psychometric testing, Occupational psychology, Team building.



Improveon associates and partners - Jan Spicer
Jan Spicer

Learning & development consultant

Consulting | Coaching | Training

Leadership Development, Brain Based Learning accreditor, Neuro-Link, an extraordinary tool that analyses sleep patterns, diet, stress levels and brain fitness.



Improveon associates and partners - Tim Wheatley
Tim Wheatley

Financial Consultant / Adviser

Consulting | Training

Financial wellbeing workshops, Investment advice, Mortgage advice, Group pension plans, Life assurance, Insurance.




Improveon associates and partners - Jane Rayner
Jane Rayner

Business Sustainability

Consulting | Training

Resource efficiency, Recycling, Planning, Corporate responsibility, Climate change and Sustainability.



Improveon Partners

Cumulus Outdoors

Coaching | Training

Coasteering & outdoor adventure activities for leadership and team development. Corporate Days, Activity based learning, team building.



HiMotiv logoAn award winning solution for happy, healthy, engaged employees. Bespoke wellbeing software to drive healthy behaviours. Track physical activity, score points and get rewarded!


Mindful Employer

Working in partnership with MINDFUL EMPLOYER which is led by employers and aimed at increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace and supporting businesses in recruiting and retaining staff.