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Personal wellbeing is something nearly everyone wants more of

Personal wellbeing is the state where you feel most at ease and can be at your best. Many people use happiness interchangeably with wellbeing although the latter is a broader definition and is a state associated with longer term ‘happiness’.

Scientific research over the last few decades has been enlightening around this topic and has shown that:

  • Neuroplasticity is a term used to explain how the brain is constantly ‘re-organising itself’ forming new neural connections throughout life. In essence your brain is constantly fine tuning itself based on the environmental, behavioural and neural changes you are exposed to. Whilst we may not be able to influence some of the ‘environmental’ elements that help to determine our happiness it is believed that up to 40% of other factors are within our own control.
  • Whilst everyone’s happiness and wellbeing is unique to them there are certain common ‘areas’ and skills we can work on to improve happiness

With this in mind don’t you owe it to yourself to plan for your own happiness and personal wellbeing?

How to make an effective wellbeing plan?

The best way to improve on anything is to work towards a plan. Wellbeing is something we can develop throughout our lives so how do you figure out which areas you might like to work on?

At Improveon we have developed the CANBE model to define the common areas and skills from which you can develop your individual plan. Run though the areas in the CANBE model below and record the areas where you’d like to focus.

Creating Meaning

When we have greater meaning and purpose we have more motivation. If we live our lives in accordance with our values we will have less friction and tension. Using our unique character strengths and skills gives us greater satisfaction and authenticity. With increased freedom to do things in our own unique way comes greater meaning.

  • What are your values and how well are you living your life in accordance with them?
  • What are your character strengths? How could you use them more in your life?
  • How much freedom do you have to be yourself at work and home? Are you able to use your unique skills with freedom?
  • Do you feel like you are living a life full of purpose?

Achieving potential

Achievement makes us feel good and helps build confidence. When we align what we do with our purpose and motivations we are more committed, enthusiastic and have greater intent. By improving our focus, planning, prioritisation and use of time we will be more effective. Ensuring we have the right resources and support gives us a greater chance of success.

  • What goals do you have and how well aligned are they to your values?
  • How well are you using your time? Are there areas where you’d like to focus more?
  • What support do you need?

Nurturing relationships

Success largely depends on our relationships with those around us and this in turn depends on our relationship with ourselves. Being aware, and in control, of our own emotions and able to empathise with others, makes it easier to get on.  People will like us better when we can see things from their perspective, listen and ask effective questions. We will communicate more effectively, be more influential and respected.  When we value and support others they will value and support us and by keeping our promises we engender trust.

  • How much time are you spending with the most important people in your life?
  • How strong is your network of friends, colleagues, coaches, mentors and associates?
  • How well do you listen?
  • How much support do you give to your family, friends and community?
  • How well do you keep your promises?

Building Resilience

With greater resilience we are better at overcoming challenges and recovering when things don’t go the way we planned. A flexible, growth mind-set helps us adapt more quickly and plan for change rather than ‘have change happen to us’. Having, and being part of, a strong, compassionate support network is one of the greatest aids to resilience. Keeping a good work/life balance, maintaining financial, physical and mental health and a good environment help sustain us.

  • How well do you recover when things go wrong?
  • Who can support you in difficult times?
  • How well do you manage stress?
  • What are you doing to keep physically, mentally and financially fit ?

Enriching lives

There is significant research showing the benefits of positive emotion. It is contagious, helping others around you feel good too! There are also links with positive emotions and feeling fitter, younger and improving memory. We can enrich our own lives, and the lives of others, with greater imagnation, wisdom and energy.

  • Are you hanging on to grievances that you could really let go?
  • How have you shown gratitude recently?
  • How much of your time do you spend in the present? Or are you constantly worrying about the past or the future?
  • How confident and optimistic is your outlook?

Now that you’ve run through these common areas of personal wellbeing which would you like to improve on? Why not focus on the one that you find most interesting or will have the biggest impact? There are lots of actions and steps you can take to improve in each of these areas today.

For a full review call David now on 07753 430 557 or leave a message on the contact page to help put your plan for greater personal wellbeing and success into place. It could be the best investment you’ll ever make.

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