Wellbeing Tools & Information

The following wellbeing tools and information include images, surveys and more to help you improve personal, team and workplace wellbeing.

We’ve used our CANBE model to categorise each one but it is often the case that a tool can impact across the different dimensions of wellbeing.

As we find new material that could be useful we’ll update the page accordingly. However if you know of wellbeing tools that you think we should be aware of please let us know.

General wellbeing

  • Tracking Happiness – Get access to some great templates & tools to help you track your daily happiness from our friends at Tracking Happiness.
  • Investors in People – Health & Wellbeing Good Practice Guide
  • Wikiprogress – an open, crowd-sourced database of well-being and sustainability projects from around the world.
  • Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing – resources to support adult flourishing
  • Happiness Alliance – A toolkit to develop greater happiness
  • Authentic Happiness – a University of Pennsylvania website developed by the Positive Psychology Center. Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman is the Director of the Center, and a Professor of Psychology at Penn. Provides questionnaires, articles and videos.
  • The Pursuit of Happiness – A not for profit organsiation that provides fantastic resources including the history of happiness, science based information, quotes and teaching resources, quiz and an online course.

Workplace wellbeing

Creating meaning

Images, tools and surveys to help you think about your values, purpose, personality, character and more. By understanding yourself and what’s important you can make better choices and decisions to help create more meaning and motivation in life. By understanding others you can relate to them more effectively. Creating meaning contributes to your wellbeing.

Achieving potential

Tools and information to help you be more productive and focused on achieving what you want. Learning & developing. Develop better habits.

Nurturing relationships

Wellbeing tools to help you develop better relationships at home and work. A strong network of family, friends, colleagues and other support helps build our wellbeing. Mountains, literally, seem smaller when we have people to climb them with!

Building resilience

Tools to help with physical, psychological, social, financial and environmental wellbeing.


Mental Health

  • National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) – Guidelines on promoting good mental wellbeing at work
  • NHS Mood Self Assessment – We can all feel low, anxious or panicky from time to time. Check your mood using this simple questionnaire and get advice on what might help.
  • MIND – Tools and information to help improve your mental wellbeing
  • Mindful Employer (An Improveon partner) – provides businesses and organisations with easier access to information and support for staff who experience stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions. Sign up to the voluntary charter for employers.
  • BITC – Mental Health Toolkit for Employers
  • Greater Good in Action – Scientific base practices to build mindfulness
  • Yale University – The Science of Wellbeing – Guided Meditations


Physical Health

  • Walking For Health – Supporting you to get active and stay active
  • British Heart FoundationAdvice on staying active
  • BITC – Musculoskeletal health in the workplace: a toolkit for employers
  • Himotiv (An Improveon Partner)- An award winning solution for happy, healthy, engaged employees. Bespoke wellbeing software to drive healthy behaviours. Track physical activity, score points and get rewarded!


  • – Tips on how to build the resilience of your community, your household, or yourself. You’ll find a varied range of media, reports, slidedecks and other resources in the Act and Learn sections of this site
  • Business in The Community (BITC) – Managing Emotional Wellbeing materials to help managers build team resilience. Includes six modules containing exercises, quizzes, scenarios and information. Takes about 90 minutes to complete.
  • Greater Good in Action – Scientific base practices to build resilience


  • Tuck – A community for advancing better sleep – Fantastic website with information, apps, resources and more.


Enriching lives

Tools to get you thinking about the ‘me’ and ‘we’ of wellbeing. Focusing on positive emotions and actions like gratitude, forgiveness, enjoyment, celebration, confidence and optimism.

Using wellbeing tools can help us understand how to improve wellbeing but just like most things changing is the hard part. Improveon provides consulting, coaching and training services to help design, develop and deliver the most effective solutions to meet the needs of individuals, managers, leaders, teams, brands and organisations.

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