Wellbeing research

Find out about some of the latest and most high profile wellbeing research we’ve come across in each of the areas of our CANBE model. Of course research is constantly being updated and we’ll keep this page as current as we possibly can. If you know of research that you think we should be aware of please let us know.

At Improveon we take an approach which balances research with common sense, experience, emotions and even our own gut feelings.  After all research can be extremely useful in supporting our decision making but it can also be inconclusive, misguided or even plain wrong!

General wellbeing research

Creating meaning

Research which supports the benefits of having meaning and purpose

Achieving potential

This research emphasises the benefits of focusing on wellbeing to our success. In essence it suggests that a focus on wellbeing brings success but a focus on success won’t necessarily bring us greater wellbeing!

Nurturing Relationships

Research that demonstrates the importance of relationships to our overall wellbeing.

Building Resilience

This research shows the importance of resilience to wellbeing.

Enriching Lives

Explores the impact on our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others through how we think, feel and subsequently behave.

Using wellbeing research to back up our thinking is important but it’s not the whole story. Just like most things sometimes we just need to use our common sense and experience. Improveon provides consulting, coaching and training services based on a combination of research, common sense and experience to help design, develop and deliver the most effective solutions to meet the needs of individuals, managers, leaders, teams, brands and organisations.

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