A list of some of the best wellbeing books - ImproveonWellbeing books

These wellbeing books are the best we’ve come across in each of the areas of our CANBE model. They often provide real life accounts, practical advice and tips on how to improve in each of the following domains of wellbeing.

Overall wellbeing

Creating meaning

Books that help us understand the importance of meaning, purpose and motivation to our wellbeing.

Achieving potential

Books that help us achieve more through understanding the interplay between wellbeing and success.

Nurturing relationships

Books that help us understand the skills required to nurture stronger relationships and build support networks for better personal, team and group wellbeing.

Building resilience

Books that help us understand the importance of resilience to wellbeing.  We live in unprecedented times of change and we need to be more flexible, adaptable, persistent and creative than ever before.

Enriching lives

Books that help us understand the importance of positive actions to enrich both our own lives but also the lives of others.

Learning from books can play a part in improving wellbeing but it’s not the whole story. Just like most things the hardest part is actually changing. Improveon provides consulting, coaching and training services to help design, develop and deliver the most effective solutions to meet the needs of individuals, managers, leaders, teams, brands and organisations.

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Let’s link up

If you think there are some useful books in this page why not share a link to it with a family member, friend, colleague, team mate or your employees.  After all sharing makes us feel good and helps build our wellbeing!