What is stress?

Stress Coaching For WomenStress is our response to both negative and positive environmental demands or pressure. You’ve heard of the fight of flight response right? Well that’s where stress comes from.  Our ancestors used the same stress response to alert them to potential danger. So stress has actually been extremely useful throughout our evolution.

While today stress can still be useful in alerting us to dangerous or risky situations problems occur when our body frequently experiences a state of stress over the longer term.

Symptoms of stress

People experience stress in different ways but it generally targets the weaker part of our character or physiology. For example, if prone to a short temper you might find yourself becoming angrier with colleagues, friends or family members.

Stress can affect our body, the way we think, feel and act. Some of the more common signs of stress include the following:

  • Body: Pains, rapid heartbeat, frequent colds, skin conditions, digestive problems and high blood pressure
  • Thinking: Memory problems, lack of focus, indecision, poor judgement, self doubting
  • Feeling: Moody, tired, depressed, cynical, anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated, irritable
  • Acting:  Increasing alcohol, smoking, caffeine intake, over or under sleeping, withdrawing, losing sense of humour

The costs of stress

Stress Coaching For MenLonger term stress can be detrimental to our health. It affects our immune system and has been linked with heart disease, strokes, ulcers, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and many other illnesses.  But stress can also impact on our lives in many different ways through the decisions we make, the things we do, or don’t do, and our relationships.

What is stress costing you or your workplace?

How stress coaching can help

Stress coaching can help you in the following areas:

  • Knowledge – A coach can help improve your knowledge about stress.
  • Skills and techniques – A coach will support you with lots of ideas about how to handle stress and develop coping mechanisms
  • Changing attitudes – The way you think about stress will influence your approach to stress management. A coach will help you review and adapt this where necessary.
  • Habits – Ultimately, unless you adopt a new approach to handle stress nothing will improve. A coach will work with you over time to inspire and support your change so you can develop the best personal strategies to combat stress.

Personal and workplace stress coaching service

If you recognise some of these symptoms and understand what stress is costing you or your business then now is the time to act. A  professional Improveon coach can act as an impartial and objective confidant to help you think more clearly and take back control. Services can be delivered for individuals or as part of a programme of support in the workplace.

In addition to providing an impartial and objective perspective the coach will help you:

  • Identify your stresses, fears and challenges introducing you to tools, techniques and tips that increase resilience
  • Understand the causes of stress for you personally
  • Think differently about strategies for managing stress and fears you may have
  • Support your growth and learning from the challenges you face
  • Think about the support you can give to and receive from others
  • Develop strategies for sustaining resilience and dealing with stress in the future

Don’t suffer any longer. Get in touch and relieve your stress now.

Depending on circumstances coaching can be delivered face to face, by phone or via Skype/Google Meet. There are normally 3, 6 or 9 sessions to be agreed in advance with email and phone support provided between each. To find out if stress coaching is right for you or how we can tailor programmes to fit with your workplace wellbeing offer book your FREE no obligation introductory discussion using the Contact / Schedule Now button. If you prefer call 07753 430 557 during office hours or email

During this session you’ll be provided with useful information on stress, anxiety, depression and the coaching approach so that we can jointly make an informed decision about whether it is right for you. If we decide an alternative approach is more appropriate you’ll be supported to find a suitable provider.

Before the session you might also like to complete a free personal wellbeing survey. Stress can be linked to different areas of your life and this survey might be revealing in terms of helping to manage it better. 

Coaching fees and discount packages

Session No. of sessions*Online
Free introductory session
(phone or online)
30 minutesFREE
An hour of coaching1-5 sessions paid per session£75 per hour
20% discount package 6 sessions paid in advance£60 per hour
33% discount package9 sessions paid in advance£50 per hour

*Online sessions are delivered using Skype, Google Hangouts or a suitable alternative.

Face to face sessions can also be booked dependent on location and may incur travel expenses. Please enquire if this is your preferred option.

Workplace wellbeing stress coaching programmes will be priced according to specific requirements.

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