Career Coaching - ImproveonWhy work with a career coach?

You don’t just want any job, you want the right job.  Career coaching can help you:

  • progress in your existing organisation
  • move to a new role in a new organisation
  • move from employment to self-employment
  • change direction in your career
  • re-energise and find new enjoyment in your career
  • promote yourself effectively
  • transition through redundancy
  • balance work/life priorities

The Career Coaching Process

Know yourself

Typically the career coaching process will start with an assessment to help identify your strengths, personality, character and skills. This step will help decode your career history and realise things you didn’t know you even knew about yourself! You will evaluate your past in a different light and review your values and motivations.

Know your options

Next we’ll review the careers and organisations that are the best fit for you. During this stage we’ll build a clear picture of what you really want.

Promote yourself

Your career coach will help you review and refine your CV. We’ll also look at all of the ways you can promote yourself including online and through social media.

Apply yourself

Once the interview offers start flooding in you may require assistance with role playing and interview technique. Your career coach will help you navigate this critical stage but the service doesn’t stop there.

Many people find the first few months in a new role very stressful. It can be difficult to adjust to a new commute, new people and challenges and a different working culture. Your career coach can provide the support and confidence you need to ensure a successful start to your new career.

What are the benefits of working with a career coach?

Amongst other things a career coach will help you build confidence & self esteem, find a career where you can be yourself at work,  see things from a different perspective and open up opportunities you hadn’t even thought about. You’ll feel inspired and encouraged.

Start your journey to a better career right now.

Book your FREE no obligation introductory session using the Contact / Schedule Now button. During this session we’ll discuss the coaching approach and make an informed decision about whether it is right for you. Before the session you might also like to complete a free personal wellbeing survey. Success in your career is dependant on, and can be informed by, your personal wellbeing.

If you prefer call on either of the numbers during office hours or email

Coaching fees and discount packages

Session No. of sessions*Online
Free introductory session
(phone or online)
30 minutesFREE
An hour of coaching1-5 sessions paid per session£75 per hour
20% discount package 6 sessions paid in advance£60 per hour
33% discount package9 sessions paid in advance£50 per hour

*Online sessions are delivered using Skype, Google Meet or a suitable alternative.

Face to face sessions can also be booked dependent on location and may incur travel expenses. Please enquire if this is your preferred option.

Improveon also offers wellbeing, personal branding, relationship, confidence, and time management coaching.