Personal Coaching

Research shows a focus on wellbeing will help you be more successful

Wellbeing coaching is backed by the latest research in positive psychology, personal development and neuroscience. It starts with a review of the unique CANBE™ model.

This helps in two ways:

  1. It will help identify areas for improvement you might not have thought about
  2. It will help position the issue/problem/opportunity you want to focus on, in the context of your whole life

This is important to ensure that change is balanced and achieves the greatest impact. Of course, whilst we use the CANBE framework as a tool to support us, all coaching will be tailored to you personally.

Flexible delivery

Wellbeing coaching can be delivered face to face, by phone or online using Skype, Google Meet or a suitable alternative. We will agree the number of sessions in advance but there are normally 3, 6, or 9 with email and phone support provided between each.

Focused support

The professional Improveon coach will actively listen and use effective questioning techniques to raise your awareness of what needs to change and help you take responsibility for moving towards your goals. You’ll receive encouragement, support, feedback and challenge to keep you motivated and on track.

Transformational impact

Coaching will help you achieve your goals more quickly and effectively. Benefits include reduced stress, greater resilience, increased confidence, improved relationships and more time for the things that matter. With a focus on your future success this could be one of the best investments you ever make.

Find out more and book a free introductory discussion now

To find out more about wellbeing coaching book your free introductory discussion now using the contact / schedule button and let us know how we can help. Alternatively call us on 07753 430 557, email or contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Coaching fees and discount packages

Session No. of sessions*Online
Free introductory session
(phone or online)
30 minutesFREE
An hour of coaching1-5 sessions paid per session£75 per hour
20% discount package 6 sessions paid in advance£60 per hour
33% discount package9 sessions paid in advance£50 per hour

*Online sessions are delivered using Skype, Google Hangouts or a suitable alternative.

Face to face sessions can also be booked dependent on location and may incur travel expenses. Please enquire if this is your preferred option.

Some typical areas where we have helped clients in the past include the following:


I have found the coaching sessions have had a very positive impact on my own personal development. The coaching has helped me think in more detail the reasons why I do things which has in turn helped me become more confident in my own ability and helped me focus on success. David has helped me set goals around my career aspirations and he has created an honest and open environment which has helped me understand the reasons for my success and also the areas I need to develop to achieve my goals. N Olding

One of my main issues (one I think many business people face) is procrastination or, to put it another way, task and time management. Earlier this year I decided to revise my first published book, but never quite got around to it. When David offered coaching sessions I decided it was an ideal opportunity to get the revision started and, because of his coaching, I did actually plan the revision with set goals and dates. Knowing that I would be asked, in David’s coaching sessions, how things were progressing kept me on track. As a result the new issue of the book is on target for publishing before the end of the year’. C Bentley

Thanks to David’s coaching skills, I was encouraged to consider my work/life balance and to formulate a vision of how things should look in the future. With that in mind, David encouraged me to think about the things that needed to happen for that vision to be realised. I now have a clear vision and a realistic plan of how it should be achieved, such that some of the actions have already been done and the journey has started. I am now very focused on achieving my goals and would have no hesitation in recommending David to anybody looking to improve their work/life balance. S Worth