Leadership coaching

Wellbeing coaching for leaders

Our leadership wellbeing coaching helps leaders in the following ways:

  1. Developing personal wellbeing
  2. Developing wellbeing of the leadership team to improve performance
  3. Developing strategy and organisational wellbeing

See things differently

Leadership coaching can help you navigate the first days in a new role, drive business change or maximise leadership impact. An external coach won’t be influenced by internal politics and will help you look at things in new ways with different perspectives. This could include:

  • Time and space to think about the future
  • An opportunity to review where you are
  • A creative approach to solving your biggest challenges
  • A supportive and challenging environment to get the best from yourself and others
  • An objective and impartial sounding board

A systematic, balanced, sustainable approach

Executive coaching

At Improveon we use our proprietary CANBE™ model as a basis for assessing areas for development, or considering those that you already have on your mind.

Drawing from the latest research into wellbeing, neuroscience, positive psychology and employee engagement we believe this provides the best framework for sustainable transformation. We believe in it so much we’ve even written a book about it.

Coaching fees and discount packages

Session No. of sessions*Online
Free introductory session
(phone or online)
30 minutesFREE
An hour of coaching1-5 sessions paid per session£150 per hour
20% discount package 6 sessions paid in advance£120 per hour
33% discount package9 sessions paid in advance£100 per hour

*Online sessions are delivered using Skype, Google Hangouts or a suitable alternative.

Face to face sessions can also be booked dependent on location and may incur travel expenses. Please enquire if this is your preferred option.

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