Why use Coaching?

At Improveon we believe wellbeing coaching is one of the most powerful tools to facilitate change because:

  • It delivers unique solutions. No two people, teams or organisations are the same and each requires solutions tailored to specific needs.
  • It drives greater engagement. Individuals, teams and organisations are encouraged to create their own solutions. As a result there is more engagement.
  • It generates commitment. Your coach will act as an accountability partner, supporting you to do what you say you will.
  • It delivers sustainable change. If you learn something new but only put it into practice for a short while, or don’t do it at all, then nothing will change. Coaching typically takes place over a period of months, ensuring you have plenty of time developing new habits to take you forward.
  • It is flexible. Coaching can facilitate individual, team or organisational change in processes and/or people.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a technique where the coach listens deeply to the coachee and asks powerful questions to generate higher levels of self-awareness, enthusiasm and energy for making positive changes. Coach and coachee track changes over time.

How is Improveon Coaching different?

At Improveon we use the CANBE model of wellbeing as a framework for all of our coaching. This systemic approach ensures we view the whole person, team or organisation so that improvements are made in a balanced way.

Research shows us that a focus on wellbeing is the best approach to delivering sustainable success.

What coaching services do we offer?

We offer personal, team and leadership coaching.