The Wellbeing Revolution

Launch date: December 14th 2020

In these turbulent times, it’s become clear that many of our old systems and ways of thinking are no longer working, and we need a new solution for the problems we face in modern society. That solution is a focus on wellbeing…  

In this cutting-edge book, David Green takes us on a journey through the domains, dimensions, and factors that contribute to wellbeing. Drawing on years of comprehensive research, scientific evidence, experience working with multinational companies, as well as a healthy dose of common sense – The Wellbeing Revolution not only shows us how to improve our wellbeing as individuals, but also how to promote wellbeing within our teams, communities, organisations, schools, businesses and even at a national level.  

The Wellbeing Revolution provides a hopeful vision for a world where we can all thrive. The ‘big picture’ level gives leaders in all fields a framework and common language to align wellbeing with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and demonstrates how a focus on wellbeing can help us build resilience and overcome the biggest challenges we face in the world today. 

Taking a systemic approach to people, purpose, profit, and planet, The Wellbeing Revolution is the start of an ambitious movement which envisions a future where the human race achieves its full potential: a future where we live well with less, support others without compromising ourselves, and create businesses, organisations, and systems that heal and nourish our societies, environments, and cultures, rather than destroy them.

If you would like to be part of a world where we can all thrive, then now is the time to join the wellbeing revolution.

More reasons to buy this book: 

– Practical exercises to measure and improve wellbeing 

– A shared language for tackling the greatest issues of our time

– Up to the minute research on wellbeing from across the globe

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