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Improveon philosophy & beliefs

The best focus for change, growth and improvement is on wellbeing.

Whilst there is no one universal definition of wellbeing we believe it is the the longer term state where you can be at your best for the benefit of yourself, others and the world around you.

In fact the latest scientific research shows that focusing on happiness and wellbeing leads to greater success.

Our proprietary CANBE model has been developed over many years, bringing together knowledge from the worlds of wellbeing, neuroscience, branding, personal development and employee engagement.

We believe this will provide the best platform for you, your team and your organisation to thrive.

Creating meaning

  • Beliefs
    • When we have autonomy and freedom to be our real, true selves we will perform better and have greater motivation to succeed.
    • In a world of constant change and complexity we’re all searching for meaning. In fact we thrive on it.
    • With greater purpose, understanding of strengths and values we build stronger authentic connections.
  • Philosophy – We explore unique strengths, skills, personality and values to create greater meaning and motivation. We challenge you to seek greater autonomy and freedom from things that may be inhibiting performance.

Achieving sustainable growth

  • Beliefs
    • If you’re not improving and growing you’re standing still. Human nature throughout time has demonstrated a need for continued progress.
    • When we progress we should move towards something we desire.
    • What we desire is best defined as wellbeing and this is now being recognised globally through initiatives such as the UN Sustainability goals, ‘Conscious capitalism’ and the UK Wellbeing index
    • Wellbeing challenges us to look beyond narrow financial measures so we can define a broader sense of achievement. This sense of achievement can be measured in terms of intellectual, spiritual, social, material, environmental, experiential and cultural growth.
    • We must use resources wisely and protect our planet for future generations.
  • Philosophy – We help you achieve more by:
    • Defining broader measures of success.
    • Developing more drive, focus and direction through aligning an inspiring vision and goals to meaning and purpose.
    • Creating more successful habits.
    • Focusing on sustainable practice

Nurturing relationships

  • Beliefs  
    • Together we are stronger. No man or woman is an island.
    • To build strong relationships with others you first need high self-awareness.
    • Strong relationships will result from better conversations and communications that focus on mutual benefit and collaboration.
    • No promise is too small to keep.
    • Wellbeing challenges us to understand ourselves and others better, to listen, ask effective questions, be more compassionate and use technology as a tool not a crux.
  • Philosophy – We help you benefit from greater friendship, loyalty, knowledge and support through providing the skills and knowledge to help you nurture stronger relationships and build greater trust.

Building resilience 

  • Beliefs
    • Change is constant and increasing exponentially.
    • Plans are just that, plans. Things often don’t go the way we expect them to.
    • A strong support network is one of, if not, the biggest contributors to our resilience.
    • Good exercise, diet and sleep combined with meditation contribute significantly to mental and physical health.
    • Developing a ‘growth mindset’ we will be more successful.
  • Philosophy – We provide you with skills to plan for the future, adapt, and bounce back when things don’t go as expected so we can help you be more successful.

Enriching & elevating lives

  • Beliefs
    • Developing more emotional agility will lead to greater success.
    • Positive emotions spread and can help us deal with setbacks and benefit from opportunities more effectively.
    • There is room in our lives for negative emotions as they help to protect us. However, as humans we have a ‘negativity bias’ so we need to be careful that emotions are appropriate to our situation.
    • Wellbeing is about ‘me’ and ‘we’. Without others and without our planet there is no wellbeing.
    • Wellbeing is progressive. It is about better lives for all of us.
  • Philosophy – We work with you to develop emotional agility but with a focus on positive emotions such as forgiveness, gratitude, enjoyment, fun, confidence and optimism. We take a systemic approach by understanding the impact of actions on the wellbeing of individuals, teams, organisations and beyond.

Improveon was started by David Green to help individuals, teams and organisations thrive.

To find out more about our services call or contact us now.

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