5 steps to a renewed sense of purpose.

Live life with purpose

Purpose - serving others

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw

Serving something bigger than ourselves.

Reviewing how we can SERVE  others in our own unique way can help brands, teams and individuals create a renewed sense of purpose. This sense of purpose and use of our unique strengths also has a beneficial impact on our wellbeing and provides us with more motivation to perform better. Use the following SERVE model to think about your own purpose.

1. Strengths

True purpose is about recognizing our own strengths and skills and using them to contribute to the world. A good starting point for getting this renewed sense of purpose is to look outwardly. Asking questions like the following will help.

  • When have we been paid compliments by others or received glowing testimonials?
  • What do people come to us for rather than others?
  • When have we done our best work?

2. Energy

When we work with purpose we will often find ourselves in a state of flow. Time seems to stand still, activities can feel effortless and we work with ease and efficiency.

  • When do we feel most energised?
  • Which activities seem easiest for us?
  • When do we lose track of time?
  • When do we enthuse and energise others?

3. Resilience

Everything changes and we’re often not in control of the things that are changing around us. To develop resilience we should review our purpose from time to time and understand how we can adapt.

  • What are we in control of?
  • What can we change?
  • How can we change the way we think about things?
  • How can we help others through change?

4. Values

Our values define what is important to us. When we operate in alignment with our values things feel right and we’re seen as authentic and ‘real’. Re-visiting our values and asking some of the following questions can help get us back on track.

  • How are we ‘living’ our values?
  • Where are we operating out of alignment with our values?
  • Is what is important to us important to others?
  • What do others value?

5. Evolve

Understanding that purpose is a journey and not the destination can help us develop a ‘growth mindset‘. Learning, admitting mistakes and moving on to new experiences is what keeps that journey fresh and exciting.

  • What would stretch us?
  • Where are we too ‘comfortable’?
  • What have we learnt about ourselves?
  • What are the changing needs of others and how could we better serve them?
  • Who else could we help?

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